domingo, 27 de dezembro de 2009


Here are some specific principles judo students use to maximize their effectiveness.

  • Focus the power of your entire body onto one part of your opponent´s body to gain an advantage.
  • When faced with unstoppable power, yield and give way in order to use your opponent´s power against him or her.
  • Apply your energy in the direction your opponent is moving.
  • Exploit leverage to maximize your strength.
  • Attack your opponent´s weakness with your strength to gain victory.
  • keep your opponent moving to build momentum.
  • Maintain flexibility in your body to help keep your balance.
  • Pull when pushed, pushe when pulled.
  • Move quickly to gain a position of relative advantage.
  • Get under your opponent´s center of gravity to attack.
  • Keep your own center of gravity low to defend.
  • Keep a wide base when on the ground.
  • Keep your body loose so the effect of your opponent´s force can be localized and nullified.
  • Utilize your full body length as one unit to gain the greatest leverage.
  • Use your full body mass, not just the strength of your arms or legs, to increase power.
  • Concentrate all of your power at the moment of attack.
  • Increase the force avilable for attacks through speed.
  • overwhelming strength can only be used against you if you try to oppose it.

Font.: Neil Ohlenkamp - Judo Unleashed - 2006