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Effects of Judo Kata Practice on Cardiorespiratory Health
EFFECTS OF RECREATIONAL AND COMPETITIVE JUDO KATA PRACTICE ON CARDIORESPIRATORY HEALTH AS EVALUATED BY A PORTABLE GAS ANALYZER SYSTEM. A PILOT STUDYCarl De Crée, prof.cdcree@earthlink.net , IGERThe last couple of years there is an increased interest in judo kata practice, triggered by the introduction of kata contests at an international level. Various physiological and psychological scientific studies have focused on karate kata, but virtually no addition has been paid by the medical literature to the cardiopulmonary or other effects or requirements of judo kata practice. The purpose of this study was: (1)to gain initial cardiorespiratory data in both recreational and competitive judo kata players, and (2) to test the suitability of the Jaeger Oxycon Mobile™ portable gas analyzer system in similar studies. Twentyfour male subjects participated in this tests. Judo kata are standardized formal choreographic exercises, of which commonly 7 different exercises are practiced, usually in couple. Sei-ryoku zen’yo kokumin taiiku was not included because of its various solo components. Each kata was tested, though not all subjects were able to perform all kata given the highly advanced level required to suitably perform the two ultimate kata. Cardiorespiratory data were obtained by using a Jaeger Oxycon Mobile™ portable gas analyzer system, while blood lactate was determined by use of a portable lactate analyzer. Results showed that kata practice is an excellent aerobic exercise, of which the low injury component makes it suitable for judo practitioners of all ages. Considerable differences in energy expenditure exist between performers despite the standardization. We suggest that the level of experience as well as self-determined pace,intensity and type of kata are responsible for these results. Portable gas and lactate analyzers are suitable instruments to study the cardiorespiratory needs of judo kata practice.Article on the InternetMore on website Judoschool Jan Snijders
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February 12, 2008